Grease trap pumping in Fort Collins

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A service schedule can help to make sure you will not have a failed inspection of your grease interceptor.  Most wastewater agencies require that grease traps are serviced quarterly.  Some restaurants need to have their grease traps cleaned more often, some even once per month.


How do I maintain my grease trap?

Proper grease trap maintenance is very crucial in order to have an efficiently operating grease trap. Many problems can occur if the levels of collected FOG(fats oil grease) and solids are not monitored. Problems such as drain line blockages and back-ups, foul odors, insects problems,  and even worse, too much FOG being deposited into the city sewer lines, which can lead to big fines.

Most restaurants with larger grease traps will typically employ the services of a local septic company to pump-out and maintain the grease trap when the FOG accumulation gets too high.

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